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Cent Hope - The game

decorative cornerGameplay

Cent Hope features 40 levels in which the main character (known as Jez) is pumping bubbles with his bubble gun. The user guides the bubbles with their finger, either to collect dandelion seeds or to catch falling fruit/mushroom seeds. Once the seeds are sown, dragging a bubble to the sprout will cause it to grow further, and after two subsequent bubbles Jez is able to harvest either a fruit or a mushroom. Bubbles can also be used to protect the young plants against attacks by insects.

Once a certain number of points have been attained, a trophy item (usually a home improvement item) is awarded to Jez. Through the main menu screen you can view the trophies collected and watch your efforts gradually improve his situation!

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decorative cornerOur mission and vision

Our mission is twofold -

  1. To channel a portion of the monetary proceeds of this game to charities
  2. To increase awareness about the activities and efforts of charitable organisations

Jez finds a gift on his doorstep We wanted to create a game that would not only be fun to play, but would also tell a story that reflects the work being done by charities which work with the poor. In particular, we wanted to bring home the point that most community development programs don't just involve giving out handouts, but also equipping the people to be self-sufficient. Thus the idea came for giving our protagonist a tool of some sort which would enable him to earn enough to improve his well-being.

The main reason for the choice of name is explained in our tagline - Spend a few cents, seed a little hope. What seems like a small amount of money to us in relatively richer countries can have a big impact in the lives of others living in poverty. It is our dearest hope that even through a humble iPhone game like Cent Hope, we would all be able to make a difference to someone else's world.

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About the Team

decorative cornerAlister Lam - Developer

Alister Lam The brains behind the outfit, Alister was the one who came up with the original concept for Cent Hope, and it was mainly his vision and strong convictions about wanting it to be a charity-oriented game that has made Cent Hope what it is. He was responsible for much of the gameplay and levels design (yes, he is the true mastermind behind those fiendishly difficult obstacles in the mushroom levels as well as those *argh*-inducing cacti in the later levels), as well as the less glamorous toil of converting all the ideas thrown at him into code.

Trevor Metcalfe - Artist

Trevor MetcalfeTrevor is an illustrator and cartoonist, whose long and varied career has been as a prolific comic strip artist in all the UK fun children's comics including The Dandy & Beano. He has also been published in National daily newspapers and the Sunday glossies. Puzzle book covers in full colour and numerous black and white line drawings for the inside pages have also featured heavily in recent years. Examples of Technical illustrations for The World Health Organisation, Flash animations, character licensing work and more can all be seen on his online portfolio:

A chance meeting at a bookshop led to an unexpected friendship developing between Alister and Trevor, and when Alister proposed the game concept, Trevor jumped at the chance to try his hand at producing artwork for a smartphone game.

Jacq Chan - Audio F/X

Poor thingThe youngest member of a team that spans three generations, Jacq is a longsuffering PhD student who also does freelance audio and graphical illustration work. In addition to composing and recording many of the music and sound effects found throughout the game (some of which feature the voice talents of her son), she was also tasked with the redesign of the Cent Hope website and would welcome feedback on the subject.

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